Downtown YMCA

Kids Zone

Policies & Procedures

  • YMCA MEMBERS: $10/child
    NON-MEMBERS: $20/child
  • Parents must remain in the building throughout the time their child is signed in to Kid Zone.
  • Participants must be on a YMCA Family Membership in order to use Kid Zone. Children must also be dependents on the family membership in order to participate in Kid Zone.
  • If Kid Zone has reached the maximum room capacity or maximum staff:child ratio, please understand that you may be asked to wait with your child until space opens up. The YMCA Kid Zone follows YMCA of the USA recommended staff:child ratios. 
  • Upon signing children in and out, parents are required to clearly complete each section of the Kid Zoneor Drop N Shop Sign-In Sheet. This information is used to verify membership status, track program usage, and most importantly for emergency purposes. You may be asked to show a photo ID.
  • Diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, a change in clothes and anything else necessary for proper care of children is required. Please bring children in clean diapers. If your child is potty-training and has an accident, you may be notified to return to Kid Zone to change your child.
  • Food and snacks are not allowed in Kid Zone. Children under 3 years of age and infants are allowed to have nut-free products as we understand they are still eating on-demand. Cups with sealed lids are acceptable.
  • Personal toys from home are not permitted in Kid Zone unless specifically approved by Kid Zone Staff. YMCA Staff are not responsible for lost, broken, or damaged personal belongings.
  • Please keep ill children home. Children with runny noses, cough, flu symptoms, or fever will not be permitted in Kid Zone. Kid Zone Staff reserve the right to use their discretion regarding participation. Staff are not allowed to administer medications.
  • Staff will use positive redirection and reinforcement with children when necessary. Positive Discipline is a kind and firm approach to working with children that strengthens relationships, helps children take responsibility for their actions and teaches problem solving skills.
  • Physical aggression, inappropriate language, and disrespectful behavior is not accepted in Kid Zone. Parents will be called immediately to remove their child from the program for that day. Continuous negative behavior could result in termination of Kid Zone services.