Youth/Teen Fitness

TnT Program

Boom!  Teens in Training is an introductory 7-week strength and conditioning class, taught by a certified trainer, designed for youth and teens ages 12-15.  This progressive program incorporates an educational component and hands-on instruction during each class session.  The class focuses on teaching the proper techniques of strength and conditioning while providing education on basic anatomy.  This class also can be taken in place of a youth fitness orientation.  

YMCA Members: $21      Non-Members: $49

Fall 1: Sept. 12-Oct. 24/ Tuesdays 4:30 pm- 5:30 pm  
Fall 2: Oct. 31-Dec. 12/
Tuesdays 4:30 pm- 5:30 pm

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Kids Yoga

This 7-week program will introduce kids to the benfits of yoga. Each class will feature fun yoga poses, stories, games, music and more! This class is for ages 5-9.  

YMCA Members: $21/7-week session      Non-Members: $49/7-week session

Fall 1: Sept. 14-Oct. 26/ Thursdays 3:15 pm- 4 pm  
Fall 2: Nov. 2-Dec. 14/ Thursdays 3:15 pm- 4 pm

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Yoga for Teens

For girls ages 12-16, this class will be a fun, introductory opportunity to learn all about yoga, connect with like-minded girls your age and experience a yoga class that will help you develop strength, flexibility and balance! Each class will have and educational component and a yoga flow.

YMCA Members: $21/7-week session      Non-Members: $49/7-week session

Fall 1: Sept. 16-Oct. 28/ Saturdays 10:30 am- 11:15 am  
Fall 2: Nov. 4-Dec. 16/ Saturdays 10:30 am- 11:15 am 

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Youth Fitness Orientation

Appointments for the Youth Fitness Orientation are made at the Welcome Desk. This program is designed specifically for youth ages 10-15, Youth Fitness Orientation is perfect for learning the basics about equipment, safety and courtesy.  After completion, youth will have access to specific equipment in the Rysdon Conditioning Area.  After successful completion, youth must wear the following wristbands while in the Rysdon Conditioning Center:


Yellow Wristband, Ages 10-11

Access to specific cardio machines, stair-climbers, bikes and rowing machines.  A parent must be present for participation.


Green Wristband, Ages 12-13

Access to all cardio equipment and strength training machines.


Blue Wristband, Ages 14-15

Access to all cardio, Cybex and free weights.