Always Welcome At YMCAs

Travelling out of town?
Your exercise routine can be uniterrupted by using one of the 2,600 Ys located throughout the United States. The AWAY Program is based on our philosophy that we are a nationwide family — a family that supports reciprocity and believes in the mission, the character values, and the collective YMCA cause that strengthens the foundations of community. As a member of the Y, you have access to participating Y’s in other cities. 



We allow 12 free visits per calendar year for Y members visiting while on business or traveling. After 12 free visits, you must pay for a daily use pass. If you belong to a YMCA in North or South Dakota, you will have unlimited access to the Sioux Falls Family YMCA as long as you are a current member of your home Dakota YMCA.

YMCA A.W.A.Y. policies vary by branch and community, so always call or email first to inquire. We recommend that you contact the Y you wish to visit before your arrival as some conditions may apply. See for a complete listing of all YMCAs.