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Y-Club Afterschool Program

Serving Students Grades K-8

Your child's participation in our Y-Club After School Program goes well beyond simple childcare. We focus on the entire family by including a FREE YMCA Membership for families with children enrolled in our program, a $69 a month value!
As the leader in youth development, we understand the importance of providing our participants with a balance of academically rich activities as well as an enhanced focus on overall physical well-being. We work side-by-side with industry experts, and your school district to design experiences that help your child learn, grow and thrive.
Y-Club After School Enrichment Program encompasses two programs: 
  • EXPLORERS (K-5th)
  • NAVIGATORS (6th-8th) 
Each program allows for your child learn and develop with other children in there grade and school to help support academic, social, and community growth. At the YMCA, our mission is to ensure that your child is involved in a program that helps them to succeed in school and in our community. 

Explorers (K-5th Grade)

Our Y-Club Explorers spend each day thriving in an environment that encourages them to EXPLORE all of the potential they have! Each day they will discover new and exciting ways to grow, make lasting friendships, and succeed academically! We always ensure to meet the needs of your child, and the needs of your family.

Navigators (6th-8th Grade)

Our Y-Club Navigators spend each day Navigating in an environment that encourages them to reach full success in school and the community by showing them all of the potential they have! Each day they will discover new and exciting challenges that allow them to grow, make lasting friendships, and succeed academically! Middle school can be hard to navigate through, but Y-Club allows them to use the tools they need to succeed. 

Why the Y-Club Afterschool Program?

More Physical Activity
Our after school care program includes at least 30 minutes of outdoor or indoor physical activity and movement a day.
YMCA Afterschool Staff
Our staff is carefully selected and receives over 30 hours of training, from child development to the importance of being a positive role model.
We Partner With Schools
Our program is aligned with the school district curriculum and includes fun, exciting ways to apply what's learned in the classroom.
We Listen To Our Parents
We conduct surveys and focus groups to assess parent satisfaction with our after school care programs.
If you have any questions, please contact Bobbi Tellinghuisen at bobbi@siouxfallsymca.org or call (605) 274-9622.

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Upcoming Events

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Date(s): Dec 15, 2017

Time(s): 12:00 pm

Location: C.J. Callaway's

40th Annual Lewis Racquetball Pro-Am

Date(s): Jan 18, 2018 to Jan 21, 2018

Time(s): 12:00 pm - 4:45 pm

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