Sioux Falls Family YMCA

Wise Buys

Community Thrift Store



As the YMCA continues to focus its strategy and investment on youth development, the board of directors made the decision to close the Wise Buys Thrift Store.

For several years, the Wise Buys Store and call center helped make the Sioux Falls community a better place to live; by providing low-cost goods to people in need.  We extend a heart-felt thank you to all of the donors, volunteers and staff who helped make the store a reality.

Originally opened in 2008, the Wise Buys store provided a vehicle to receive donations of clothing and goods, serve a customer base and provide ancillary support to the YMCA.  As market conditions and the strategic agenda of the YMCA have evolved, the time was appropriate to close Wise Buys and prioritize resources into our core business, youth development and family programming.  


The Sioux Falls Family YMCA serves over 10,000 individuals in the community annually.  In the past year, the YMCA has tripled the amount of youth programs offered, including the opening of a new child care center, the acquisition of a gymnastics complex and the addition of after school programming for six elementary schools.

In addition to major expansions in youth programming and at YMCA Camp Leif Ericson, the YMCA also continues to serve as the premier health and wellness organization for people of all ages, particularly families, seniors and veterans.

In the coming years, look to the YMCA to expand rapidly in meeting the growing and ever-changing needs of the Sioux Falls area and region-wide.


Thank you for your patronage.

Please direct your donations to:

Goodwill - 3400 South Norton Avenue - (605) 731-1930