Boundary Waters Adventure

AGES 12-16



Since 1922, our partners at YMCA Camp Menogyn have led canoeing excursions in the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area along the Canadian border in Northeastern Minnesota. With the exception of a satellite phone carried by the trip leader; phones, tablets, computers and anything electronic is safely stored at camp.  Our group will instead utilize the original form of social media - sitting around a campfire and talking to each other!
While learning to do things such as setting up base camp, cooking outside and learning to navigate a canoe, teens learn to work together as a team.  Before the paddles hit the water, teens spend time getting to know the members of their group through teambuilding activities, route planning and meal preparation.


Trip 1: July 3rd-8th

Trip 2: July 24th-29th


  • Transportation: Campers are transported to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota by Camp Leif Ericson Staff in a YMCA vehicle.

  • Supervision: 2 Camp Leif Ericson Staff accompany campers on the trip. They are also joined by a Camp Menogyn Staff to lead the canoe trek.

  • Communication: Camp Menogyn staff have a satellite phone to contact base camp or emergency services in the event of an emergency on the trek

  • Equipment: A specific packing list will be provided in the weeks leading up to the trip. Campers are able to borrow various supplies and equipment if needed.​​

Pricing Information:


*If you're interested in receiving financial aid, please follow the provided link to apply.

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