2022 Camp Leif Ericson FAQs

General Questions

What do you do if it rains/Is camp ever cancelled due to the weather?

Camp does not close due to the weather. If it rains during the day, all campers are moved under shelters, and are entertained with skits and games until it stops raining. If the weather becomes severe, or the rain is prolonged we move programs indoors, and continue with activities and games. Please keep in mind that we serve over 700 campers at a time, and all campers may not fit in one indoor area. Campers are often moved to several different indoor locations. If we evacuate camp for any reason, you will be notified via email as soon as possible. The safety and well-being of all campers is always our #1 priority.

What do you do to control mosquitoes

Mosquito Control comes to camp everyday to check on the mosquito population at camp. They also spray and treat any standing water at camp several times a week. Camp staff also applies bus spray to campers 2-3 times a day. We understand how frustrating mosquitoes and bug bites can be, as we work at camp all summer long. We do our very best to keep mosquitoes off of your campers.

What should my camper bring to camp everyday?

Please send the following items LABELED with your camper's name EVERYDAY:

  • clothes that can get dirty and are appropriate for the weather

  • CLOSED toed and comfortable shoes that can get dirty (NO SANDALS)

  • swimming suit- in case of water activity

  • towel

  • water bottle

  • sunscreen and bug spray (all staff have sunscreen and bug spray for camper use, as well)


We were very excited to be able to return to a more traditional Camp Leif Ericson experience this past summer and we will continue to keep the safety of our campers and staff as our top priority as we look forward to Summer 2022.  Thus, we will continue to follow the recommendations of the American Camping Association, Y-USA, CDC, OSHA, and local Health Department as they are updated.  


Does camp provide lunch free of charge?

Parents will have the opportunity to select a Camp Lunch Option for $45 which will provide a Camp Lunch each day for Campers or you will be able to bring your own lunch each day. Every Camper will receive a Camp Snack each afternoon regardless of the option you select. Coolers will be provided for each camper to store their lunch if they elect to bring their own. The menu is being created based upon feedback from campers over the past few summers and will be posted as soon as possible.

Can I choose to send a lunch some days and get a hot lunch from camp other days?

No, we ask that you choose one option or the other, as we are required to order meals 2 weeks prior to the start of the session. You may change your preference up to 2 weeks prior to the start of your camper's session.

What is on the Camp Menu this year?

The 2022 menu will be posted as soon as we receive it from our food vendor.


*We prefer that your camper uses the mode of transportation chosen at the time of registration. We highly encourage families to AVOID early pick ups, late drop offs, and any other deviations from the regular transportation routine if at all possible. Campers are absolutely NOT permitted to drive themselves to camp, park at camp property or park at the Cliff Avenue Greenhouse parking lot.

Can I drop my camper off and pick them up everyday, instead of riding the bus?

Yes, you are welcome to provide transportation for your camper. If you elect to do so, your camper MUST be enrolled in our Before and After Camp Care program, and you MUST pay the extra one-time fee. It may seem backwards to pay to provide your own transportation for your child, however, that program requires staff to come earlier and stay longer than they would normally. To enroll and pay the fee, please call the camp office (605-336-2267).


Do I need to pay for Before and After Camp Care even if I'm going to drop them off at 8:30am and pick them up at 4:15pm (when the camp day starts and ends)? 

Yes, extra staff is required to be there to care for your child at those times. 

What if we miss the bus in the morning?

You are welcome to try and catch the bus at a later stop on the route, or you can drop them off and sign them in at camp.


Can I change my camper's bus stop?

Yes, however changes must be made ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE START OF THE SESSION. Any changes requested after that deadline are up to the transportation team. 

Can I use more than one bus stop?

No, your camper is required to use the stop that was chosen at the time of registration. Using more than one stop is difficult for us to accommodate, as we are responsible for the transportation for up to 750 campers at a time. 

Can I use the bus and camper care?

No, we prefer that you choose one or the other to limit traffic in and out of camp, and to limit confusion for campers and staff. If you want to use camper care, you MUST enroll in camper care, and pay the fee associated with that program.

Do I need to let someone know if I will be picking my camper up early during the day, dropping them off late, or if they will be absent?

Yes, we serve and are accountable for up to 750 campers at a time, and all campers are required to be signed in and out by an approved adult. We do our best to accommodate pick ups and drop offs, but you may need to be patient as there are a lot of requests to accommodate everyday. (605-336-2267)

Family Night

What is family night?

Family night is an open house-style event where your family is welcome to come to camp! Family night starts at 6:00pm with a short program, and includes time for you and your family to walk around. We ask that everyone leaves by 7:30pm. Your camper will still ride the bus home as usual, or will be picked up at the normal time from camper care. It is not required for your family to come, but it is a lot of fun!

When is family night?

In years past, we have held two separate family night events during the session. This year we are condensing them into one night. ALL CAMPS will have their family night on the Tuesday evening during the second week of the session. The event starts at 6:00pm, and ends at 7:30pm.


Will my camper sleepover?

Campers enrolled in Tepeetonka, TLC and Ranch Camp will participate in overnights as listed below:

  • Tepeetonka Alpha (campers ages 10&11) and Ranch Camp will have ONE overnight on the second Thursday of the session.

  • Tepeetonka Grande (campers ages 12&13) and TLC (campers ages 14&15) will have TWO overnights during their session. One on the first Thursday and one on the second Thursday of the session.

  • Tailfeather campers will enjoy ONE overnight on the Thursday night of their session.

What if my camper doesn't want to sleep over?

That's fine! It is EXTREMELY important that you communicate that with the camp office at least 24 hours before the overnight. Campers may either ride the bus home at the usual time, or be picked up at: 4:15pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm or 9:45pm. camp@siouxfallsymca.org or 605-336-2267

Are meals included in the overnight, or do I need to provide them?

All meals outside of lunch are provided free of charge during overnights and the following morning. 

What does my camper need to bring for the overnight?

  • a sleeping bag and pillow

  • weather appropriate clothing

  • a change of clothes

  • a set of pajamas

  • any other necessary toiletries

What if my camper takes an evening medication?

Our camp nurses will distribute all medications. Please send medications in the prescribed bottle labeled with the camper's name, the name of the medication and administration instructions. Camp nurses will NOT administer medication that isn't properly labeled. Please refrain from sending over the counter medications that aren't absolutely essential for the camper's well-being (these may include: melatonin, daily vitamins, etc.).

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the camp office or check our parent handbook for more information about you camper's experience.



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