YMCA Child Development


This half-day program is designed for children 3 years and older. We provide numerous opportunities for participation in structured activities such as creative movement, language arts, science, and math, as well as free play and discovery time.
With a small group setting provided, your child will receive large amounts of individual attention to ensure great progress. During this time, your child will have the opportunity to participate in play based activities designed to develop an excellent foundation in cognitive learning, socialization, gross motor coordination, and creative arts to help prepare the children for Kindergarten.
Learning Centers are arranged by interest areas which include places for books, blocks, play, art, puzzles, science, computers, and dramatic play. Your child will have the opportunity to work and play in these centers by choice. The centers contain educational toys, materials, and games. They are used individually, with a friend, or in small groups. We provide practice in making decisions, following directions, working independently, and learning the care and use of materials.
Group Activities provide the opportunity for your child to learn in a large group setting. Group lessons include, stories, music, gross motor activities, language experiences, and discussion of the current unit of study.
Social Development is a child’s ability to interact effectively with the people in his/her world, supported through the following considerations in the classroom environment:
  • Cooperation and conflict resolution
  • Interaction with peers in a group setting
  • Experience with taking turns
  • Self-concept and decision making
  • Individual, one-on-one, and group learning experiences
Cognitive Development is supported by experiences that enhance and expand decision making, logical thinking, sensory discrimination, and problem solving skills. Cognitive activities promote curiosity, exploration, and inquiry on the part of your child.
Creative Arts exposes your child to various media experiences and allow him/her to be creative. We encourage the process and the experience, rather than the finished product.
Language Arts activities enhance both expressive and receptive language. Experiential activities are planned that are oriented towards communication skills. Language activities include: verbalizing, writing, memory, reading, and conceptualizing.
Music appreciation and awareness is the primary objective in our music focus. Your child will be exposed to and learn rhythm, tempo, and differentiation between high and low tones, the meaning of lyrics, and the emotional impact of music.
Motor Development time promotes the development of your child’s motor skills, ball and balance skills, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body awareness, spatial awareness, and directional awareness.
Math/Science focus on the natural sciences, problem solving, and your child’s ability to organize his/her world. Science learning activities involve experimenting, predicting, questioning, and observing. Children will be exposed to math readiness through activities that include ordering, sequencing, counting, classifying, patterning, and organizing.
Dramatic Play is strongly encouraged. Materials are set up to encourage make-believe play and to permit children to role play in a creative setting.
For more information, to check availability, schedule a tour or register, please contact Sarah Skarski at sskarski@siouxfallsymca.org or call (605) 275-9622.