Downtown YMCA:

220 S. Minnesota Ave., Sioux Falls, SD  57104


Tel. 605.336.3190

Fax 605.336.3516

Youth Performance Center: 

2517 S Shirley Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57106


Tel. 605.274.9622

Camp Leif Ericson: 

2301 E 26th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57103


Tel. 605.336.2267

Youth Basketball:

220 S. Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104


Tel. 605.336.3190

Competitive Leagues (3rd-8th Grades)

Recreational Leagues (2nd-8th Grades)

All grades enjoy twelve games and a thrilling end-of-season tournament. There are two divisions, Competitive and Recreational. Those that register for the recreational league that are not apart of a team already will be placed onto a team from the same school/location when possible. The YMCA reserves the right to mix players from different schools if needed to form teams.


  • Play runs from Oct. 28 - Mar. 19.

  • All grades play in twelve league games.

  • Teams are provided with one practice location a week - locations vary.

  • Single elimination end-of-season tournament – first and second place prizes.

  • All levels will have two paid referees and 1 paid gym supervisor.

  • Teams will supply a score keeper or timer for each game.

  • Games are played once or twice a week - locations vary - we utilize Sioux Falls public schools, Brandon public schools, Family Wellness, our YMCA and various church gyms throughout the area.

  • Teams are required to have at least seven players.

Competitive Jr. Skyforce Fee: $160 - Deadline Sept. 20

Recreational Jr. Skyforce Fee: $160 - Deadline Sept 20

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