CPR / Health & Safety Courses

2-year certification: Full course, online + classroom

This course requires participants to complete online learning prior to in-class skills sessions. Please make sure to provide a valid email address when completing registration. To register, please visit our registration page here.

This class can be taken by individuals needing initial certification as well as individuals needing renewal.

ASHI blended learning CPR allows students to work independently on theory through a series of informational videos and tutorials. Participants then present what skills they learned in a hands-on class. Skills assessed include external chest compressions, rescue breathing using a mask or shield, primary assessment for unresponsive person and CPR as a single provider. All skills are demonstrated for adult, child and infant.

To achieve certification, participants must score 70% or better on the written exam, and demonstrate all knowledge and skill objectives. CPR Pro certification is valid for two years. Course Length: Approximately 3 hours for online learning and approximately 2 hours for in-class skills. Course times may vary to include breaks.



Members & Non-Members: $25.00


Ellen Stewart