Sioux Falls Family YMCA

Youth Sports

Our Youth Sports philosophy is to allow kids to participate in a noncompetitive program with an emphasis on fun, development of character and fair play. We believe our youth sports programs helps families and individuals grow personally, clarify values, improve relationships, appreciate diversity, develop leadership skills and have fun!

If you need information about our regional basketball program or Tri-State Tournament, please click here.  The following youth sports programs take place exclusively at the Downtown YMCA:

Open Basketball & Volleyball

Throughout the year, we have open basketball and volleyball times for pick-up games and hanging out with friends.  Please consult the gym schedule for availability.

Open Play Pickleball

Is it tennis?  Is it ping-pong?  No, it's Pickleball!  Appropriate for all ages, Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States.  

Open play is held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 9:15am to 11am and 1:30pm to 3pm each day.  FREE for YMCA members.  $42 for non-members for a seven week pass.  Equipment is provided.  No experience necessary.  

GaGa League

Jump into the “Octagon” at Camp Leif Ericson and play this intense game of dodgeball with a twist!  The game combines dodging, striking, running, and jumping; with the goal of being the last person standing. 


This awesome sport adds a whole new dimension to the exciting game of Volleyball.  The general concepts of Wallyball are very similar to indoor volleyball.  Featured in a racquetball court, Wallyball provides the element of surprise as an ordinary volley can go a whole new direction with spiking the ball off the walls in many directions.

Wiffle Ball League

Hit one over the Green Monster in the indoor field at the Y Dome!  Bring your friends, grades 9-12, to play in this twist on the game of baseball.  All games take place at the Downtown YMCA.

For more information about our Downtown YMCA youth sports program, please contact Adam at or call (605) 336-3190.