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Youth Basketball:

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Micro Basketball is designed for kids who are new to basketball. This program teaches basic skill development. Players will be introduced to the game through drills and a modified game each week. This program produces a safe place for kids to enhance motor skills, strengthen listening skills and build confidence. Other specifics are:

  • January 11 - March 7 for the 2nd session.

  • Locations vary - we utilize Brandon public schools, Family Wellness, and our YMCA.

  • Times will vary as well but will be between 8am—4pm each Saturday.

  • Each week there will be a 30 minute skill development practice followed by a 30 minute modified game.

  • Winter Season schedules are available on the basketball home page.


Micro Basketball Fee: $85.00 - Deadline December 20th WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS.

Micro Basketball (K-1st Grade)

  • YMCA Camp Leif Ericson
  • Sioux Falls YMCA
  • Sioux Falls YMCA