Day Camps

Tailfeather's Parent Information


The uniqueness of our specialty camp is that it effectively provides SD HuntSAFE and Bowhunter Education courses that will teach young hunters safe handling of firearms. This week long program includes ten plus hours of classroom and hands-on experiences taught by certified SD HuntSAFE and Bowhunter Education instructors that are dedicated to help our youth participate safely in these sports.
Once the basics of safe firearms handling are understood, Campers will learn shotgun marksmanship skills and take part shooting sporting clays at the Isaac Walton League range where they will to put what they have learned into practice. Everything is done in a hands-on fun format and all marksmanship and shooting activities are done in a controlled format on the range. Tailfeather Campers who successfully complete the HuntSAFE course receive an identification card containing their name, date of certification, a certification number and the signature of the instructor at the conclusion of the camp.

Additional Program Details

  • Tailfeather’s Outdoor Education - a hands-on experience with certified mentors teaching a wide range of outdoor skills and environmentally friendly activities.
  • Fishing -  campers will enjoy fishing excursions where they will learn about native species and apply catch and release practices to ensure healthy fish populations in the future.
  • Outdoor Skills - Campers will also discover valuable outdoor skills such as; outdoor cooking, Leave No Trace practices, environmentalism, conservation, and natural history.
  • Climbing - Climbing has a unique way of drawing out a child's "personal best"; at the same time asking that they put their trust in their peers. Certified instructors will be incorporating basic safety skills instruction, team building games and challenges, using different types of climbing adventures on-site and off-site at the state of the art Challenge Course.