Sioux Falls Family YMCA

Parent Information

Before your child may attend our Y-Club Program, you must register your child online and provide:
  • A one-time, non-refundable and non-transferable, $35 registration fee for each child enrolled in the program (separate from monthly tuition);
  • A telephone number where a parent or guardian may be reached during program hours; and
  • Two additional emergency contacts who are authorized to pick up your child(ren) in case of an emergency - if you are unavailable.


Our goal is to offer a quality program that is both affordable for parents while ensuring that the YMCA can cover expenses (competitive salaries, healthy snacks, equipment and supplies). 
  • The rate is scheduled bi-monthly (every 2 weeks). For rates, please click on the registration link below.  
  • Payments are withdrawn automatically from a checking/savings account on the Every Two Weeks
  • Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. 
  • Children with outstanding balances will not be allowed to attend.  Insufficient fund penalties will incur a $25 charge payable by cashier’s check or money order.


A thirty-day written notice is required for withdrawal from the program and tuition must be paid during those four weeks. Submit changes or withdrawal notice, including the effective date, to the program leader.


Participants are treated as individuals with respect shown for different tastes, preferences, range of behavior patterns and abilities. However, we require that the safety and security of everyone is maintained. If a one-on-one aide is assigned to a child during the school year, regardless of the aide’s function, an aide is required to accompany the child during their YMCA program. Aides are not provided by the YMCA.
The YMCA reserves the right to dismiss a child from a program whose needs we are unable to meet or whose conduct is not in the best interest of the YMCA and the other participants. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the accommodations and special needs of your child.


We model by the four core values of the YMCA: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. If a student can’t meet the expectations of our programs, parents will be notified and a corrective plan will be implemented. If the student’s behavior continues to violate YMCA policies, the student will be dismissed from the program. If violent or threatening behavior occurs or damage to the facility and/or other property is caused, the student may be dismissed from the program.


The YMCA has a plan in place to respond quickly and notify you in an emergency. In the event of an emergency, we will contact you if your child is directly affected. Parents can also receive up-to-date information on our website.
For more information about the Y-Club Afterschool program and to schedule a tour, please contact Katie Bachtell at