Youth Center Transition

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the YMCA transitioning to become a youth development center?
The YMCA’s continued focus on youth development has more than doubled the number of children and youth it has served since 2014. Responding to the need in our community, the YMCA has opened two new centers for; afterschool, child care, and gymnastics programs. We are excited to build on this momentum to grow our exceptional programs at our downtown location, and expand upon our nationally recognized camping programs to serve more children and youth in Sioux Falls, and its surrounding communities.

“The critical need for quality child and youth programming in the downtown Sioux Falls area has grown exponentially in the past few years,” said Eric Tucker, President & CEO of the Sioux Falls YMCA.  “Kids need a safe, supportive environment to learn new skills and build healthy relationships.” 


Why is the YMCA no longer going to offer a “traditional health club” membership?
The YMCA conducted a Community Needs Assessment in 2016 and the results were clear, the health and wellness needs of adults are already being met at one or more of the 70+ clubs in Sioux Falls.  The assessment concluded that the real need is for programs that positively engage children, youth and teens, particularly in the downtown area.   


When does the YMCA officially convert to a youth center?
Traditional membership at the YMCA ends on December 16, 2017.  The new youth center opens Monday, December 18th.  


Do I need to cancel my membership?
NO.  Your membership has been automatically cancelled and your final bank draft payment adjusted accordingly.  


Are there any refunds?
YES. Members who have paid in full may have the remainder of their owed balance refunded upon request.  Members who have enrolled in classes, such as aerial yoga or personal training, are also eligible for a refund.  

NO. Members who currently pay by bank draft are not eligible for a refund.  Adjustments were made on their last draft.    


Will there be any adult memberships still offered at the YMCA?
There will be a basic adult membership available for those who wish to play basketball, racquetball or use the sauna/steam rooms.  There will also be a small room with a handful of cardio and strength training equipment.  There will no longer be access to the pool at EmBe.  There will no longer be a Silver Sneaker or Silver Fit program offered at the YMCA.  


When is the YMCA open for adult members?
The hours are limited, M-F, 7am to 4pm. There is no access on Saturdays and Sundays.  The adult locker rooms are closed after 4p.m. and the gym is available for youth programming only (unless and adult is accompanying their child).  


How much is the new adult membership?
$39 a month; by bank draft or annual pay in full.  No monthly invoicing is available.  


Will financial assistance still be available for adult members?
YES.  Financial assistance forms are available at the front desk.


Will lockers be available to rent?    
YES.  Full lockers will cost $10 per month.  Kit Lockers are available for $5 per month.  Lockers are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.  Locker rental may be paid in full or bank drafted monthly.


Will towel service still be available?
YES.  Two towels will remain available per visit.


Will the new adult members still be eligible for Nation-Wide membership?
YES.  Simply take your card to any participating YMCA location.  


Will the YMCA provide an alternative location for a traditional gym membership?
YES.  All current YMCA members are eligible to receive a trial membership at any Sanford Wellness location.


Do current members need to re-register to take advantage of the new adult membership?
YES.  Please complete the appropriate paperwork available at the front desk.


Will families who have children currently enrolled in the YMCA After School and Child Care programs still have a free “traditional” membership?
NO.  However, enrolled families will still enjoy many of the perks associated with a traditional YMCA membership, including significant discounts at YMCA Camp Leif Ericson and Youth Sports.  Parent’s Time Out and access to the Downtown YMCA are still FREE for families.


Will any health and wellness programming be offered?
YES.  The YMCA will continue to work with youth and teens in areas such as strength training, group exercise, nutrition and sports.  Programs for adults may be added in the future, depending on need. 


Will there be a day pass for adults to play basketball, racquetball or use the sauna/steam rooms?
YES.  There will be day passes available for adults who wish to enter the YMCA between 7am-4pm, M-F.  The cost is $9 per visit and includes two towels.   


Will there be a day pass for adults who wish to visit the YMCA during youth time hours (M-F, 4pm to 8:30pm and Saturdays, noon to 6pm)?
Day passes will only be available for adults during youth time hours if they are accompanying their own children at the YMCA.  The cost will be $9 per visit.


Why is the YMCA no longer open on Sundays?
Current demand doesn’t warrant being open.  


Will the YMCA close on any holidays?
YES.  The YMCA will not be open on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve Day, New Year’s Day or Easter Sunday.  


Will Kid’s Zone be available during the day?
NO.  The Kid’s Zone space is the new childcare center.  


Will Drop-In Childcare be provided?
Our intent is to provide drop-in childcare at some point in 2018.  


Will Parent’s Time Out continue to be offered on Saturday, 6pm-10pm?
YES.  PTO will be offered year-round on Saturday evenings, starting January 6, 2018.  It is FREE for Y Program Family Members and $20 for non-members.  


Is there a charge for any child to enter the YMCA during youth hours?
NO.  All youth, are admitted for FREE.  Information must be collected during a child’s first visit (emergency information, waiver, picture, etc.).


Is a youth membership still available?
YES.  The membership is free for children and youth, ages 8-18.  All youth must have a picture taken and waiver signed.  Youth members also receive their own keychain membership card.


Will current youth members have to re-register their membership?
YES.  All information must be updated.  Forms are at the welcome desk.


Are towels available for youth?
NO.  There are no shower facilities available for youth.  


Will the adult locker rooms remain open during youth hours?  
NO.  Adult lockers will be closed and locked at 4pm each evening.


What child, youth and teen programs will be offered at the YMCA?
Initially, a Youth Activity Center (game room) and new child care center will be added.  Gymnastics, dance, cheer, martial arts and afterschool programs will be added over the course of 2018.  Court sports, including basketball and racquetball, will be available as usual, unless a league game is in progress.   


Will youth be admitted into the YMCA when youth basketball games are taking place?
YES.  Youth will have access to the Youth Activity Center.


Are children under 8 years of age allowed in the YMCA?
YES.  Children under 8 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


If you have any additional questions, please contact Melissa Kirby at or call (605) 336-3190.