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Since 1920, our Sioux Falls Family YMCA camps have provided generations of campers with a safe, meaningful and life-changing outdoor camping experience. Children return year after year to enjoy our beautiful camp property, nestled along the forested shoreline of the Big Sioux River. While camp is close to home in the heart of Sioux Falls, it feels like a world away. Although our facilities and location are terrific, we know that it’s our counselors that ultimately make the camp experience so special.


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Summer 2022 dates, rates and other information coming soon!


Registration: We are excited to announce that we are using a new registration system (CampMinder) this year. All families will need to create a new account when logging in to register for the first time. Our new system is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. Click the red 'Create an account and REGISTER HERE' button to start the registration process in CampMinder. 

Lunch: The Camp Lunch Program will be offered in a different format this summer. Campers will have the opportunity to select a Camp Lunch Option for $40 (for two week programs) or $20 (for one week programs) which will provide a Camp Lunch each day for Campers or you will be able to bring your own lunch each day. Every Camper will receive a Camp Snack each afternoon regardless of the option you select. Coolers will be provided for each camper to store their lunch if they elect to bring their own. The menu is being created based upon feedback from campers over the past few summers and will be posted as soon as possible. This new format is due to a change in our classification by the Summer Food Service Program which is outside of our control.  

Overnights: We have made the decision to suspend our Overnight experience for our 8-15 year old campers for the summer of 2021.  This was a very difficult decision, but after examining our facilities and consulting with other Camp and Health Professionals, we feel that this is the appropriate precaution for our campers at this time.  We look forward to resuming our traditional Overnights in 2022 as the Covid situation continues to improve.  Campers will still get to experience a campfire and receive their years of attendance awards as they traditionally would during an afternoon ceremony.  We appreciate your understanding as we continually strive to balance the needs and safety of all our campers and staff. 


Although we are very excited to be returning to somewhat of a more traditional Camp Leif Ericson experience this summer, we also want to ensure that we are continuing to keep the safety of our campers and staff in mind.  Thus, we will be continuing to follow the recommendations of the American Camping Association, Y-USA, CDC, and local Health Department.  Our precautions for this summer will include:

  • Optional masks/face coverings for campers

  • Masks/face coverings for staff when in close proximity to campers

  • Encouraged vaccination for staff

  • Social distancing between groups of campers 

  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing

  • Daily signs and symptoms screenings

  • Utilizing outdoor activities as much as possible  

Little Vikes

AGES 4-5

Tier 1: $155         Tier 2: $165         Tier 3: $175

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Leif Ericson

AGES 6-9

Tier 1: $355         Tier 2: $365         Tier 3: $375

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AGES 10-13

Tier 1: $385         Tier 2: $395         Tier 3: $405


Tepeetonka Leadership Camp

AGES 14-15

Tier 1: $405         Tier 2: $415         Tier 3: $425

Ranch Camp

AGES 9-13

Tier 1: $515         Tier 2: $525         Tier 3: $535

Tailfeather Camp

AGES 11-15

Tier 1: $295         Tier 2: $305        Tier 3: $315

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Specialty Camps

AGES 6-13

Tier 1: $185         Tier 2: $195        Tier 3: $205

Boundary Waters Adventure Trip

Scenery Icon

AGES 12-16

Fee: $595

August 1st-6th

  • YMCA Camp Leif Ericson
  • Sioux Falls YMCA
  • Sioux Falls YMCA