YMCA Youth Performance Center


K-8th Grade

For the past several summers, our 3,000+ YMCA Camp Leif Ericson campers have ranked GaGa Ball as one of their favorite activities.  In fact, the demand for GaGa Ball has been so strong that we held our first-ever tournament in 2016, with over 250 children in attendance!  We also purchased three professional pits, the first of their kind in the region.

With all of the excitement around this incredible sport, we are thrilled to offer a GaGa Ball league at our new YMCA Youth Performance Center!  This is the perfect venue for the game!

What is GaGa Ball?

GaGa Ball is a relatively new sport, commonly referred to as Israeli Dodgeball in other parts of the world.  Originally invented at the Jerusalem YMCA, it has quickly spread all over the United States, especially in youth camping.  

In simplistic terms, think of GaGa Ball as a “dodgeball below the knees” game that takes place in a large octagon.

Why is GaGa Ball so popular?

  • Almost anyone can play GaGa Ball.  In fact, many “GaGa Champions” are not particularly athletic or fit.  It can be a great confidence builder for kids of any ability.
  • GaGa Ball can be played as an individual or team sport.  There is a lot of flexibility.
  • GaGa Ball is 100% fun!!!